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scholarship, grant, fellowship information needed

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 in response to kamigirl...   

Actually this site has provided a lot of posts / replies with the actual information - including the contact information of various programs.  All you have to do is to go through some of the previous posts and you will find them.

I don't know what kind of sites you are visiting exactly so I really can not help you there.

Look through some of the previous posts and you will find posts that list the kind of information that you are looking for. 

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 in response to Roseb441702...   

I posted on this site and reading other peoples replies, I don't see anyone giving sited areas...just stating that they are out there...My school will not give me any information...they said I have to do that on my own...when I go on sites after filling out the info requested they send me to their college...It would be helpful for the actual site...www...etc...

 Thank you,


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 in response to kaya1...   

Have you been to the government's website?  I mean the official government website.  Have you looked through their list of grant programs?

Grants for single mothers - the first place to check would be with the financial aid office of the school that you want to go to - how hard is that to do?

Aren't you willing to do any of the work yourself? 

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 in response to whoknew...   

Like I have said before the reason why I know about these grant and free money programs is because I do this kind of work for a living.  As you (and I myself) have said before there have been many previous posts where people have posted helpful resources - but it seems that no one wants to read the previous posts - they just want money fast or even sooner than that.

I have also said in my posts and replies that one must be willing to do the work if they want to find this kind of information.  

I have also advised people to go to their nearest social services agency - a place where they would definitely know about grant programs.

It's always so easy to tell someone else what to do instead of doing it yourself. 

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 in response to whoknew...   wow, thank you for saying what you said, i almost feel like you were standing up for me. I feel like we feel the same way about this free money issue. everyone says there is money for single mothers to go to school but really it isn't.
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 in response to Roseb441702...   

WHAT are these grants? Where are they? Where are the links, addresses, contact information?

Enough of the vague posts that imply there are bags of money out there for the asking... Either post the exact information or solicit your services elsewhere. I don't think a single person who comes to this site can afford your "services".

Why sould anyone pay you nearly $1000 to find them information that the rest of us have posted here for FREE? You give no guarantee that anyone will receive these "little-known" grants. But that's understood, right? All you have to do is FIND the information. It's not your fault if people don't actually receive the grant right? So you get paid regardless. 

Personally, I am tired of reading the same nonsense over and over. Unless you can prove otherwise, I don't think you have anything to offer that any one of us hasn't already posted, several times over.To me, you are no different that anyone of those cons online selling their "grant programs". Forgive me, yes, you are. You are here under the guise of "helping" and all you have done is promoted false hope. Since you have been here so long, that makes you worse. You have promoted yourself as a caring individual and all you care about is soliciting your "services".

So have me banned or delete this post, but I had to get this off my chest since no one else would stand up and say what needed to be said.... 


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Here is an excerpt from my blog:

Grants for single mother assistance take many forms. Many grants are small, especially grants for single mother education assistance. However, these small grants can be combined with other forms of assistance and aid. By combining several grant and assistance packages, the single mother can often finance tuition, books, transportation and, even, daycare.

The most common type of education grant that can from $400 to $4,050 per year, depending on the cost of the school, the need of the student and the student s enrollment status. The financial aid office at all participating schools will have all information necessary to apply for these grants.

There are numerous foundations offering grants for single mother assistance. These foundations generally only require that the applicant be a single mother or the child of a single mother in order to be eligible for the grant. Some foundations offer grants to assist in paying off student loans. The applicant is often expect to perform community service or do volunteer work in order to qualify for the grant. Professional women who are willing to volunteer their professional services to the community are especially eligible for grants to repay student loan debt. Teachers who are also single mothers may qualify for these grants without doing additional volunteer service, as teaching is considered to be a contribution to the community in and of itself.

Grants for single mother housing assistance are available through HUD. In addition to HUD grants, many states offer housing grants to single mothers. These grants may take the form of special loan packages and they may also pay all or a portion of the closing costs for home purchases. There are also grants available to help single mothers with the down payment on a home. These grants are generally State sponsored.

There is also a push by President Obama that has resulted in even more grants for single mothers that want to continue their education!

You should also look into other forms of financial assistance or "free money" as some would call it.

You may not be aware of it but there are at least a few competitions for single mothers.  One is an essay-type kind of competition where the winners receive up to $250 - which they can use the money for whatever they like.

In one state you can apply for a program that will pay your enrollment fees if you decide to attend one of the state's community colleges.

Also you just check out some of the online sites where you can simply request money.  Some of them will require documention but I know of at least one site where you can request up to $1000 (maybe even more in some cases) for a financial need.

The only reason that I know of these programs is because I do grant research for a living and have found various information like this for clients.

Can you imagine all the other programs out there that I haven't found yet! 

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